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One of the specialties of our company are precise, fast and safe assembly and transport flights in the city area.

The lifting capacity is up to 4'500kg depending on the helicopter type.

Especially in urban areas, it is often impossible to position conventional means of transport such as lifting cranes correctly and in such a way that entire streets do not have to be closed for hours and private and public transport is severely impaired.

So that the costs do not get out of hand, here lies the solution in the air! With the helicopter and our experienced crew on the ground, loads are flown within millimeters to the unloading site with millimeter precision.

From A like antennas to Z like cement, we transport almost everything, such as:

  •     transmission equipment

  •     air conditioners

  •     Masts and antennas

  •     Crane and lift motors

  •     advertising writings

  •     Works of art and sculptures

  •     Windows and skylights

  •     Gravel and concrete

  •     Metal and wooden structures

  •     building materials

  •     Demolition and excavation material

  •     fire water

We can also blow away snow, dust, leaves etc. from endangered objects with the downwind of the main rotor.

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