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The first step to be a pilot. After a brief theoretical introduction, you will go on an unforgettable journey with one of our experienced instructors.

There is no nearly fair description to put the fascination of three-dimensional flying into words. You have to experience that once to control a helicopter yourself ... ..

From the age of 16, you can enjoy up to two hours of double-tax trial flights without any formalities. If you subsequently decide for an apprenticeship, these hours will be fully credited to your education. We offer trial flights on our two-seater Cabri G2 training helicopter. If you want to experience your flight together with friends, then our four-seater Robinson R44 or the five-station turbine helicopter EC120 Colibri is at your disposal.
After a trial flight, the acquisition of the private pilot license is the basis for any further license or extension. The private pilot is entitled to carry passengers inland and abroad with passengers and may land in Switzerland outside of airfields. The training consists of a theoretical and a practical part and is each concluded with an examination by an expert of the FOCA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation).
Prerequisite for the practical start of training:
- Medical Class II must be available from a FOCA medical officer
- A current excerpt from the criminal record must be available at the latest before the practical examination

The minimum age for obtaining the PPL (H) license is 17 years. (Minors require parental consent). The necessary forms and a list of medical officers can be obtained from us.


Commercial Pilot CPL(H)
This training is a real challenge!

Only professional pilots are allowed to carry out commercial flights, which makes employment in a helicopter company possible.

We offer our trainees an individual, customized training. Practice and theory are coordinated and usually trained extra-occupationally.

The training consists of two steps. In a first step, the private pilot license is acquired. Then, in a second step, the professional pilot's course is completed (at least 30 hours of flight time at the double tax). The minimum number of hours to take the skill test is 185 hours.

IMPORTANT: We recommend that anyone interested in the CPL (H) training complete the medical aptitude tests (Medical Class I) prior to beginning training. The initial examination for physical fitness takes place at the Aviation Medical Institute Dübendorf (FAI) or Swiss Medical Center at Zurich Airport. All recurrent examinations can then be carried out by a medical officer of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation.



Evening mood over Basel with all its lights in a starry night with the impressive approach to the EuroAirport is an experience of superlatives!

This extension allows the private or professional pilot to fly before dawn or after dark.

Total flight experience after completion of the PPL (H) test at least 100 hours, of which at least 60 hours as pilot in command (PIC) and 20 hours in cross-country flight.

Training Documentation


This extension is the absolute highlight in helicopter flying and a Swiss training.

All pilots who have completed the mountain training, one hears the same statements:

Quote: "unbelievably exciting and unforgettable moments with dreamscapes, but also very demanding".

The training can take place depending on the weather on several consecutive days. During the day an intensive mountain training with numerous landings on different mountain landing places is completed and in the evening in a cozy mountain hut the day is rounded off with some theory, before the hut warden serves a fine fondue.

The FOCA requires the pilot to have a total flight experience of at least 100 hours after completing this training.

Training Documentation


After successful private pilot examination / professional pilot examination you can have us retrain to the following helicopter:


Guimbal Cabri G2

Robinson R44 Raven II


Each rating requires about 5h (turbine rating 2h) in our experience. Contact us - we are happy to make an individual offer for you.

Training Documentation


The transport aviation is the premier class of helicopter flying.

Helitrans employs experienced flight instructors with several thousand hours of slingload experience.

The training can be started at the earliest with 300 hours pilot in command (PIC) and contains several modules, which are prescribed by the FOCA.

These modules put increased demands on the pilot, such as


  •     good spatial imagination, because you no longer fly only the helicopter, but rather the load

  •     high concentration ability over a longer period of time

  •     Team ability (the pilot has a ground crew ....)

Our experienced transport pilots are happy to provide you with detailed information during a personal conversation.

Price on request.

Training Documentation


You already own a valid FAA license and now you want to use it in Europe? We would be happy to advise you on the acquisition of a European license based on authorizations and licenses issued outside Europe or the EASA area.


Depending on the existing license and experience of the pilot, there are individual bridge offers to acquire an EASA license. This also applies to pilots with an engine or glider license. Since you have even the advantage with a reduced number of hours your dream of helicopter pilots a PPL (H)


Training Documentation

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